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Re: The Day of the Doctore Review Thread (Spoilers?)

The Doctor's age probably isn't that important to him, anyway. I can relate to that and I'm not a Timelady.

I watched the special on the big screen and in 3D. I loved the two clips before the actual start of the special.

Then it started with the original theme. That was awesome.

And then, Moffat kinda rebooted modern Who, only he didn't. But now that Hurt will remember that he tried to save Gallifrey (but not if he suceeded), Nine/Ten won't be the same guilt ridden person we saw. It also clashes with "The End of Time", specifically with what Ten/Eleven says about the destruction of Gallifrey. This only happens a couple of years (I think 2?) after "The Day of the Doctor" from Ten/Eleven's point-of-view so even if it slipped from Nine's memory he should still remember it. On the other hand, he probably remembers both versions of history.
Also, the communication between the Timelords seems to be lacking, considering the generals didn't know what the High Council was up to even though they held this huge gathering. However, one of the generals mentions that the Council was useless so maybe their plan had already failed and the generals were aware of that.

Anyway, this made me really happy. There's a lot of fiction out there right now that conveys the message that you sometimes have to do evil to do good and I appreciate that this special had the opposite message, that there is an alternative.

I also liked Osgood's little ark, going from hoping the Doctor will save her to saving herself. The scene between her and her Zygon counterpart was nice, too.

I definetely will have to watch it again. I thought it was great even though I didn't have high hopes for it, having not warmed to the Moffat era at all.
It was also great to see my favourite Doctor again, and on the big screen to boot. I felt he gave his Doctor a bit of a darker touch than during his run but I might be misremembering. Then again, that would make sense since this plays out in the span where he's on the run from his fate.

Oh, and extra points for having Hurt chew out the others for holding their screwdrivers as if they were guns (although Ten doing it was anachronistic, this started under Moffat's reign). I hate that.

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BBC has put a deleted scene up on the official website. I was able to find it on Youtube:

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