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Re: The Day of the Doctore Review Thread (Spoilers?)

chardman wrote: View Post
Loved the "Curator". Made me cry.
Me, too. As soon as I heard the first syllable of Tom Baker's lines, I started tearing up.

Christopher wrote: View Post
And there were so many wonderful moments, including a lot of the interactions among Doctors. Hurt got some great zingers. "What are you going to do, assemble a cabinet at them?" "I hope the ears are less prominent this time." And I loved the bit where he wondered why his future selves were so afraid of acting like grownups, and they looked at him.
Tom Baker's Doctor was concerned about his ears, too. He had a funny scene with Harry Sullivan, where he was looking at himself in a mirror and going on about Harry being a "busy man, and you don't have time to listen to me burbling about my ears."

And some very clever timey-wimey stuff. ("Honestly, I don't know where he gets these things from," Ten says defensively.) I loved the idea of starting a program in one sonic screwdriver and getting its results in a later incarnation (and it's kind of a nice bit of symbolism that the screwdrivers are "regenerations" of the same screwdriver).
Except that the Fifth Doctor's sonic screwdriver was destroyed in the episode "Four to Doomsday." So they're not continuous incarnations of the exact same one unless the Fifth Doctor had a backup somewhere.

Now, the question is: Did the Doctor actually change his own past, or is this the way it happened all along and he just didn't remember? I think it was the latter. After all, the Moment was the source of the temporal crossover, and the Moment was there in the "original" history, so there's no reason why it would've unfolded differently than what we saw. So it hasn't actually changed the Doctor's past, just revealed something he hadn't known about it before. But that revelation is likely to change him, to lift a weight from his conscience. Maybe he won't be so afraid to act like a grownup anymore, and maybe that's why his next incarnation is older.
This is a problem for me, in that the next time I rewatch the Eccleston stories, I'm going to listen to the Doctor telling Rose about the Time War and how horrible it was and that he's the last of his people and the lone Dalek is the last of its people... and feel cheated, because oops, it never actually happened, haha.

Emperor-Tiberius wrote: View Post
At the very least, I was hoping he'd sacrifice himself for his future selfs, so that they and his past selves can save Gallifrey effectively while preventing the Daleks (or anyone else) from finding out the truth of Gallifrey's dissapearence. That way, he could still have a redeeming (for his wartime activities) ending. His regeneration in his TARDIS doesn't really make sense.
But he couldn't sacrifice himself (as in die permanently), because in that case, his future selves would never have existed. They're not all separate people; they're the same person. Permanently kill a younger version, and the older versions all cease to exist as well.

Noddy wrote: View Post
And what's the deal with the Curator looking like an older Fourth Doctor? Is that supposed to mean something?
I found this episode so confusing, partly because I never saw any of the episodes with Clara and have absolutely no idea what the most recent Matt Smith stories have been about. But I'm so happy that Tom Baker was in this, I don't even care what it means.

All told... I gave it a middling grade. The parts that were good were wonderful, and the parts that were confusing were just plain annoying. And even though I've enjoyed John Hurt's performances ever since I saw him many years ago in I, Claudius, I just don't feel he's right for the Doctor. I really wish they'd had Paul McGann instead.
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