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Re: Was Janeway a hypocrite in Equinox?

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or Species 8472 were planning on destroying the universe, but were wimps who talked a good game, but when Voyager gave them a bloody nose, they turned into total wimps and changed their story.
That's basically it.
1. That is really weak. It turns a scary enemy into total wimps. If they are going to space Nazis, they have to tougher then that. The Nazis did not quit after giving them a bloody nose.

2. That is not made very clear, to the point that I could easily believe the other two theories are just valid. Really Species 8472's story arc was not handled very well and because of that, it is easy to believe Janeway picked the wrong side and Species 8472 were not as bad first appeared.
..but this is Star Trek, where the Captains are never wrong and every enemy is just misunderstood and eventually an ally.

Star Trek is about making friends.
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