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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 84: To The Bitter End

Worf: I am honored that you would choose to be a part of this ceremony. Now, we will begin the ritual dance party. Computer, activate playlist: "Disco 1."

Captains Log: Quark recording. After taking control of Deep Space Nine, as part of his plan to retake DS9, Sisko has taken over the bar and is serving Creole food. This will be my last entry as Captain. Dangit.

Dukat: Think of the good times, Benjamin. Like Season 2!

Sisko: When you tried to extort a Cardassian Politician by using his long lost son as leverage?

Dukat: Bad example, Season 3!

Sisko: When you were willing to let DS9 explode if Kira didn't agree to let you put Cardassian troops on the station?

Dukat: Well, I'm hosed.

Female Changeling: ...And as a final punishment, we have given you extreme acne.

Sisko: ... As you can see, the dance floor is located in the inner chamber. Transporters can not penetrate the shielding, so we'll need bribe money to get us past the bouncer.
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