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Re: NuTrek's Starfleet

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An interesting read. I really like that the new movies are finally getting some Treknical attention, although I don't like the earlier pre-ENT timeline divergence or the transwarp stuff (since the new movies are perfectly in line with the warp speeds of TOS, TAS and the classic movies IMHO).
Honestly, my feeling is that this is the way the TOS timeline was too and we just plain never saw that aspect of Starfleet. The main source of the divergence is the political shift towards a more aggressive exploration policy after the Kelvin incident.

Basically, Starfleet always had transwarp drive, they just could never make it work on a ship as small as the TOS Enterprise. In NuTrek, they still can't, and won't be able to until the new Excelsior hits the scene thirty years later.

Into Darkness was seemingly so heavily inspired by Dreadnought! that having Admirals Rittenhouse and Marcus together seems like overkill. Like a Batman movie where Bruce Wayne's parents were killed by The Joker (as i the '89 movie) and Generic Thug Guy (as in Batman Begins) working together.
Actually, I was attempting to imply that Rittenhouse and Marcus are both heavy hitters with Section 31 and are therefore interchangeable: when Rittenhouse gets the boot, he basically arranges for one of his successors to get the job and carry out his agenda. So it's not "Batman vs. Joker and thug guy" so much as "Captain America vs. the Nazis." There's hints of this in the IDW comic series (which I'm also using as source material) that Section 31 is a threat body all its own and that its individual members aren't actually all that important.
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