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Re: More popular worldwide: Trek or Doctor Who?

Doctor Who didn't arrive in America until the mid-to-late 70s, riding on the heels of the popularity of public television's Masterpiece Theatre which imported shows like The First Churchills, The Six Wives of Henry VIII, and I, Claudius. PBS was also responsible for bringing us episodes of Monty Python's Flying Circus, perhaps surprising American viewers that while British humor was often thought of as dry and sophisticated, it could still be low brow at times. However, although PBS was bringing in these shows, not all stations in the network could afford the funds to air them in their cities due to how the shows were brokered within the network.

The local stations that were not affiliated with PBS sometimes got us really strange syndicated fare like Benny Hill, Doctor in the House, and On the Buses (which got Americanized as Lotsa Luck).

I wasn't that big a fan of Who, preferring Blake's 7 more, though I didn't see much of it either. The fact that both shows were mostly done on videotape had the unfortunate effect of making them look cheap to American eyes at the time.
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