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Re: F1 2013 Championship

Well that quali pretty much sums up this era.

Even in unpredictable conditions on one of the least predictable tracks, the result at the front is still the same. Vettel might be driving the wheels off of that Red Bull, but it's just so boring to watch (it looks more like a video game). It's also frustrating to watch as well, because there's no way that Vettel is THAT far ahead of everyone else on raw talent alone (he got destroyed in F3 by di Resta, Sutil, Hamilton, and even di Grassi).

Obviously it's not all his fault that things are so boring (the real offenders are Adrian Newey's talent for finding loopholes, Red Bull's bloated budget, incompetence of other teams, the chocolate tyres, and worst of all, the rulemakers, who have banned real innovation in F1 and turned it into a battle of the budgets and/or a game of loophole cat-and-mouse), but he's still the public face of the boringness, and doesn't even seem to care that F1 has turned into a processional farce (obviously all drivers want to win, but surely they'd rather win a race than a procession?), so it's only fair that he gets some of the blame.

Anyway, good riddance to a completely miserable season, and a mostly miserable era. Hopefully Webber can get one last podium tomorrow (a win is unlikely, but you never know).

Next up it's the V6 vacuum cleaners
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