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Re: The Day of the Doctore Review Thread (Spoilers?)

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@Timelord Victorious: Dalek Caan retrieved Davros from the jaws of the Nightmare Child, during a battle in the "first year" of the war (how many years does a Time War have?). Dammit - I hate fast-moving threads! :laugh:
Good point.

And the war had many years, since the Hurt Doctor said he fought it for a long time.
Yeah, but it's a Time War - a war fought across time itself. Which years count as part of a time war, then?

Frankly, as nice as it was to get a glimpse of the Time War and a war-ravaged Gallifrey, I was a bit disappointed, too. The mystery of the Time War, fought by "two almighty civilizations" as the Master put it, was that we really couldn't comprehend what that kind of war would be like. But apparently it's just a bunch of Daleks shooting at soldiers. Could've been any war from any era. Took a lot of mystery out of it.

As I was typing this, I noted to myself that we don't number the Masters, and I wonder if we'll stop "numbering" the Doctors now. Saying Smith's Doctor rather than the Eleventh Doctor is just as clear, and less confusing, since Hurt's Doctor is the ninth, and so is Eccelston's (as I said to my wife - "the ninth Doctor regenerated into...the Ninth Doctor..."
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