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Re: The Day of the Doctore Review Thread (Spoilers?)

Well, that was a blast to watch, although at the same time I feel kind of let down. The episode felt like a rush job, we start off with Clara now a school teacher with no explanation of what the hell happened after the cliffhanger scene in Name of the Doctor. That kind of annoyed me.

I've been trying all summer to "correct" people who claim John Hurt is just a replacement because Christopher Eccleston turned things down, feeling that with the way the cliffhanger scene played out they would have had Hurt there anyway, but now I'm not so sure. Yes, Hurt was awesome and perfect for the role but it really kind of felt like it was originally written for Eccleston.

Okay, so the big problem with Gallifrey being back is that Rassilon is still Lord President, since all this takes place before all we saw in The End of Time. And since he's bent on eradicating all time and space, well, won't he still try to do that? Doesn't this sappy "think of the children" reset button kind of ignore the fact that the Time Lords posed just as much a threat as the Daleks did? For that matter, isn't everything we just saw in The End of Time now undone?

Now onto the Nitpicks:

-Upon hearing "timey-wimey" the War Doctor is shocked and asks "do you actually talk like that?" However, back in Time Crash (which is canon according to Moffat) the Fifth Doctor recognized the term and even used it.

-Likewise, upon seeing the Tenth Doctor, the Eleventh comments "I've never seen you from the outside before." But again, the Fifth Doctor did.

And finally, a question. They aren't exactly too clear but is John Hurt's regeneration supposed to be the result of natural causes?

Fun to watch with various nods to the classic era, great revisiting Tennant, even cool to see Capaldi and Tom Baker's cameo was a nice moment. But not really a perfect episode. But then, what could be?

Oh, almost forgot, what are our predictions for when the Doctor will find Gallifrey? I'm thinking it'll be the arc for Capaldi's first season.
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