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Re: FLASH series being developed for The CW

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Casting Shipp in a minor role will mean nothing to anyone but the most die-hard fans.
Exactly -- so then what would be the harm? The whole point of an Easter egg is that it'll play like a normal part of the story to those who aren't in on the joke. Remember, the movie The Incredible Hulk not only included the obvious cameo of Lou Ferrigno as a security guard (and the Hulk's voice), but the much more obscure cameo of Paul Soles, who played the Hulk in the '60s cartoon, as a diner owner. Most people didn't even notice.
They also kind of had a Bill Bixby cameo. When Banner is in Rio there is a TV with The Courtship of Eddie's Father, which starred Bill Bixby, on it.
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