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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

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One thing I wish more gaming and tech sites would focus on is the absurdity that MS released an all-encompassing media box and then put most of the media functionality behind the Xbox Live paywall. The consensus seems to be that the PS4 is the better games console and that the Xbox One is the better media centre, but that's only true if you're willing to pay the subscription. Netflix and other VOD apps are behind the paywall, Skype is behind the paywall, the internet browser is behind the paywall, even the live TV stuff is behind the paywall. With a free account all you can do on the console is play singleplayer games and watch blu-rays, which makes it a pretty crappy media centre.

For someone like me, someone that has little interest in online multiplayer but wants to be able to watch Netflix and use other online services on my TV, the PS4 is the far more attractive option. MS have done a decent job of backtracking on most of their unpopular policies, but until MS backs down on that asinine paywall for third-party services, I'm not even going to consider getting the Xbox One over the PS4.
I've noticed that too and it's kind of odd.

MS evidently has bigger plans for the XO other than just being a games console primarily and that's ok. However they are, at least in my eyes, actively hindering the proliferation of these features even so far that many of them won't work properly outside of the US or have only reduced features and offerings.

Now this is very early in this generation's cycle (d'uh) so things will improve and broaden but i'm wondering why MS isn't taking a clue from itself and do the same as with the Xbox 1 launch where they effectively gave it away just to break into the market and establish their own corner.

I've seen very few in depth reports about the multimedia functionality of the XO and that's puzzling giving how much MS initially advertised it (they even have the mandatory Kinect 2 in the bundle to take advantage of it) so where's the support?

It seems MS is no longer willing to take a loss and wants to make profits as soon as possible.. nothing wrong with that but i believe it to be a mistake if you want to introduce a big feature that people have not adopted yet and charge for it which is another obstacle to overcome which didn't have to be.

In another news:

MS reports 1 million sold units worldwide in the first 24 hours but Sony had this number with only North America.. Europe, Asia and the rest of the world are still to follow giving the impression that this generation the PS4 will blow the XO out of the water saleswise (however, as always, too soon to tell definitely).
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