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Re: About the KHAN scream.

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(Conversely, STiD Khan had no similar excuse for having loaded the people he supposedly cares about into seventy-two pieces of explosive ordnance, just for example. And his Emperor Palpatine-like "no ship should go down without her Captain" line is motiveless B-villain malice, of much the same type that Marcus is suddenly afflicted with at a certain point in the story -- rather at odds, one might say, with the nutty but still patriotic "bombs away" mentality he'd hitherto displayed. I like the way Cumberbatch sells Khan at other points but I don't think this in any way diminishes or eclipses what Montalban did with the character, not by a long shot.)
I've already specifically said on the board that I'm bowing out of further discussion about whether this or that happened in STID until I pick up the disk, so I can rewind it infinity times to split hairs on all the minutia.

That said, one of the questions I have is whether the torpedoes really are live ordnance or not. They can't be scanned, so how do we know? I don't even recall Spock or anyone saying exactly what they did (if anything at all) to turn one (or more) of the torpedoes into something live for the beam over to the Vengeance.

If you tell me they said this or that, I'll just keep my eyes open for it when I do that rewatch in due course.
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