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Re: Person of Interest Season 3

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From the sounds of things, she signed onto the show wanting a shorter contract than everyone else.

In an interview with the showrunners, Caviezel and Henson decided to kiss unscripted. But it doesn't necessarily mean they were in love, just showing some extra affection and appreciation in the moment.
Yeah, I got the sense that it was just two people who had been through a hell of a lot showing appreciation to each other.

I really liked how that episode was done, I was unsure whether it would be Carter, Reese or Fusco who eventually went. The Fusco scenes were awesome, that look of pure hatred he had when strangling Peterson was

I was wondering when one of their numbers was going to come up. I liked the revelation that Reese wasn't the first helper as well, but like others I'm not sure how it fits in with the timeline. Guess they just weren't as badass.

I know the Batman comparison has been made before, but I got a really big Batman vibe when he was skulking around the morgue and striking out then slipping back into the shadows.

So was the phone ringing at the end the machine distracting Harold so he wouldn't get in the line of fire or was it for something else? I first thought the former, but then it went after Simmons had fled (although that could just have been for dramatic effect.
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