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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 84: To The Bitter End

Martog: Worf, I guess I owe you 100 credits. You were right, the humans would fall for whatever torturous ideas we came up with if we claimed they were Klingon traditions!

Quark: Okay, Captain, I'll get out of here, but trust me, you'll regret not going with the new lighting scheme my source, J'jabrams is selling. I'm close to selling Starfleet on it. It's an alternate reality Starfleet, but their money still spends like ours!

Sisko: You do know that is the Earth symbol used by adolescents for centuries to signify how much you love me, right?

Sisko: I still can't believe that Changeling porn exists, let alone that Quark has some.

Bashir: Rule 34, sir.

Weyoun: You've changed your hairstyle! I don't like it.
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