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Re: About the KHAN scream.

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One of the things that stuck out at me was the lack of "superior ambition" among Khan's people. They have a super-weapon, a WMD, now. Joachim calls him down on chasing Kirk, but why didn't he try to take Khan out and become the leader?
Judson Scott, who played Joachim, was 30 in 1982. That means he's either playing someone much older who aged very well, or that he (and some of the others on the Reliant who looked equally as young) were teenagers in 1996 when they were frozen and went into space.

It could be that Khan was a father-like figure to the younger ones, and so their ambitions were tempered in deference to Khan. After all, if they were nothing but teenagers when Ceti Alpha VI went haywire, they owe at least their initial survival and further education to Khan's abilities.
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