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Re: Would a real life transporter technically be 'murder' ?

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Yes - they've done tests recently to show that exercise does DNA damage but you can reduce it if you eat cress beforehand. Strange but true. So Geordi's comments should be viewed in a wider context perhaps.
Yeah, that's not what I meant. "Exercise damages DNA" doesn't really make sense, but I suppose if you get your science news from the local paper, not much can be done to improve your understanding of what DNA is....

I did mean 50% because neither Kirk had the correct DNA so nice Kirk had half his DNA missing or switched on incorrectly - that must mean that 50% is of his DNA was doubled up i.e. replicated incorrectly (on my theory at least) with the second Kirk getting a different 50% doubled up through replication. With Thomas Riker it's harder to tell since they were genetically exact at the point of creation so it's possible that one was entirely replicated. Which one was always a matter for debate.
What? "Neither Kirk had the correct DNA"? What does that mean? DNA codes for RNA, which codes for proteins, which are expressed in cells as...ah, hell, forget the details. We're not made out of DNA. It's just one small component of our bodies.

In both "The Enemy Within" and "Second Chances", the duplicates are indistinguishable from the originals. That means they must have the same masses, too. That requires a doubling of everything about the transporter subject, i.e., a 100% increase, not a 50% increase.

If Kirk masses 100 kilograms, and there were only a 50% increase as you think, then one of the Kirks would be 100 kg and the other 50 kg, which someone would notice immediately because one Kirk would be smaller than the other and Rand would say "A mini-Kirk tried to...y' me."

Even if both Kirks had equal masses, a 50% increase in mass would mean that both were only 75 kg after transport (150 kg divided between two people), and that would still be noticeable, because who wouldn't notice someone dropping 25 kilograms (about 55 pounds!) in a day?

So you mean 100%, not 50%.
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