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Re: Was Janeway a hypocrite in Equinox?

To be fair, Ace's bat had been tinkered with to make it more destructive. I forget the specific details.
It kind of annoys me how the Daleks got such a huge boost in their threat level. Since they're the most popular monster in the series, they apparently have to be the most dangerous, even if it goes against what was going on in the original series. It would've been so much more interesting if the Time War had been a civil war, being fought by Gallifrey against itself from two different points in time.
But as to Voyager, one of the things I really like about Voyager is how they are on their own, there's no chance for backup in a strange quadrant. Everything is harder, the stakes are higher, and the choices Janeway had to make were harder, and the writers didn't go easy on her, she frequently had to make really difficult moral decisions, like with Tuvix. At times there was no good choice, just a choice between two bad options.
I was disappointed that the surviving Equinox crew never got used again. Seems like a wasted opprotunity to me.
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