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Re: June 2013 challenge: "Blaze of Glory"

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IWhat if it was done on a seasonal basis instead of monthly? For example if the next one started on the first day of winter (December 21nd this year, I believe) then the deadline could be one week before the first day of spring, leaving a week for voting before the next one starts. The extended time frame would also give people time to recover from unexpected fits of reality getting in the way.
I quite like that idea. Anyone else up for it?

Kaziarl wrote: View Post
Also, lets open it up a bit. Yes, this is a Trek forum, but we do sometimes see other fandoms represented in this fanfic section. Why not let them play in the challenge too? I think that would give people a lot more to work with, and possibly generate more interest.
I'm not sure about that. First of all, the winner of the previous challenge has the right to set the theme and the limitations. They're free to include other fandoms or crossovers if they want. We've had those in the past.
However, most people are unfamiliar with everything that's out there which generally makes it harder to understand a single story told in that universe. That's why I'm a bit wary of making that a rule.
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