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Re: Was Janeway a hypocrite in Equinox?

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1. That is really weak. It turns a scary enemy into total wimps. If they are going to space Nazis, they have to tougher then that. The Nazis did not quit after giving them a bloody nose.
Voyager didn't have the cannon fodder needed to maintain an enemy like that.

Doesn't help that the Borg (the other half of the conflict) are too boring to use as an enemy themselves.

Or they could have not had them appear after Scorpion, if they were going to become total wimps and just flat contradict Scorpion. That was a bad and unneeded conclusion, I rather not have seen ever again then have that wrap up.
That's too open-ended. They wanted them gone in a final manner, and didn't want to tell a big stupid 200 part story to do so.

Besides ongoing story with Species 8472 might have been better then a lot of the bad episodes we got instead, I think I would have preferred that to Unimatrix Zero.
You can't telling ongoing stories with an enemy that stupidly overpowered, you tell ongoing stories about enemies that are at your own power level or lower.

The Daleks are still pretty powerful, they did manage to wipe out the time lords in the time war. Really the Daleks were better realized villains, because the writers didn't try to ret con them into something total different by their fourth appearance.
The Daleks were just a normal enemy of the Doctors for like 20 years before they started treating them like some big threat to the Time Lords.

For all their early appearances, they were NOT some big threat the Doctor felt he should be afraid of, they were just some normal enemy. Doctor Who's time-travel story aspect meant they could also tell stories of the Daleks' at various points of their strength and not have to bother with a linear story.

For crying out loud, in the 80s (even after the Daleks were some big threat) we saw them getting killed by a teenager with a baseball bat.
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