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Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 6

Ohhhh Sutter is a crafty bastard that's for sure - I mean... these past few you KNEW something BIG was going down but now.... yiiiikes.

Although without spoiling things - I really really think Tara is a dead woman OR OR... she's going to surprise us all and pull a 180 and support Jax and the club after something happens and leave Hood-sister DA spinning her wheels.

Or the black lady gonna die.

No one is safe. BUT I do like where things with Nero and Gemma are going and that triangle with Unser. Honestly I'm shipping the hell out of Nero/Gemma - but Unser's always been there for her. But I think she sees him as like the big brother not the lover. Nero is far more lover than brother.

Plus hey... it's kinda nice to see a Latino put in a decent light on this series for once, usually the Mexicans are the 'bad guys', especially earlier on - with the whole Mayans and Cartel stuff. Nice to see Nero kinda show 'yeah we're bad, but we ain't all bad Ese."
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