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Re: No female starship captains in the 2250s-60s?

I Photoshopped this many years ago. It's not exactly right, but it's a step or two in the right direction I think.

It's a pity they didn't find a good trouser alternative for the women during the series. A trouser variant makes more sense for women on landing party duty (protects the legs) and could look more businesslike. In fairness they were strapped for cash and so when it came to costumes the extra cash was slated for totally different outfits rather than variations for the gegular cast and background ship's crew. Given more money we might indeed have seen more variety in the show.

- The field jackets seen in "The Cage" are a good idea and one that would return in TMP and versions seen throughout the films.
- An anti-contamination suit was a good idea even if not well executed ("The Naked Time")
- The space suits from "The Tholian Web" were a distinctive design (and seen again in Star Trek Continues).
- We saw radiation suits in the background and again in the films.
- We see service fatigues in the background.

The miniskirt worked to a point partly because of the '60s era when women were asserting their sexuality, but it can seem like an anachronism today. Ind you Areel Shaw in "Court Martial" had a longer version of the skirt.
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