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Re: Would a real life transporter technically be 'murder' ?

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By "does no DNA damage", they mean "won't turn you into a salamander".
I disagree. I think that Martin of the Masterpiece Society would have been concerned with even a slight increase in the risk of Hannah getting, say, cancer.
Why? Why would you think that?
Because that's who Martin was.

Besides, even if the transporter does do damage at the genetic level, the approaching stellar core fragment doesn't allow them time to debate the matter or calculate risks and probabilities. Never underestimate how many times the characters lie, exaggerate, or soft-pedal the truth.
You must be thinking of a different show. Geordi was shown to be in the dark about the damage that Federation technology did (see Forces of Nature), but he was also shown to be one who wouldn't deliberately distort the truth. Make that Truth with a capital T.
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