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Re: Season FIVE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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One thing I thought would also be fixed was Crusher's uniform. In "Skin of Evil", the HD did an error where her uniform appeared green instead of blue during the funeral, even though it's the same shot and lighting. For whatever reason, I thought that meant her uniform was always supposed to be blue, and that it only appeared green in later seasons because of the limitations of SD mastering, so the HD remaster would correct it. Watching S5 now, guess it really did appear green in scenes. I assume that all had to do with the way those scenes were lit, because it does appear blue at times yet in scenes with less lighting it appeared green. Truer colors or not, I still hate the green uniform. At least DS9 seemed to be more consistent with blue uniforms, until they did the switch to FC uniforms.
That's very much a product of the material and the way the scenes were lit. IRL the blue uniforms are more of a turquoise than a solid blue that's reflected on-screen. This color shifting happened to all of the uniforms, but most noticably with the red, which was actually almost a purple color.
I remember reading an interview w/ McFadden back during the original run. She seemed exasperated because she was asked so often, and wanted to make it clear her uniform was teal. Because teal is blue/green, I'm sure variations in lighting could bring out one or the other in different scenes.
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