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Re: Was Janeway a hypocrite in Equinox?

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or Species 8472 were planning on destroying the universe, but were wimps who talked a good game, but when Voyager gave them a bloody nose, they turned into total wimps and changed their story.
That's basically it.

None of these options reflect well on the writers, two of them make Janeway look really bad and the third one undermines the tension from the Scorpion.
They wanted to wrap up the 8472 thing in a permanent manner, and didn't want to do a big stupid 200 part war story.

Imagine if the Daleks give up on killing all other forms of life, after the Doctor managed to kill a few of them, they would not be very threatening or manage to become the iconic villains they are.
The Daleks were never stupidly overpowered in the first place, since the Doctor nearly always manages to beat them on his own. They were never introduced as some super-enemy, they became that over decades of stories.

You want to create an iconic villain that can be repeatedly used over and over, you don't make them stupidly overpowered to begin with.
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