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Re: Pon Farr in Trek lit

I've always wondered what would happen if, say, a vulcan kid was raised by humans/romulans/etc and never suppressed their emotions. Would they still experience pon farr if they experienced emotions like non vulcans did?
There was a short documentary thing on it I saw which suggested it was the direct result of emotional suppression. To me, that suggests that if they did not suppress their emotions, they would be having sex for the same reasons and with the same regularity as other species.

I don't like the idea of homosexual Vulcans not going through pon farr, either, that makes no sense to me. From other sources I don't think it's just about mating, but also a sort of resurgence of all the repressed emotions from the previous seven years. The whole point of the emotional suppression stuff, as I understand it, was because Vulcans had such strong emotions to begin with so they had to control them, so I imagine that, in some way, it'd be extremely difficult to suppress them and they would be bound to override all the mental disciplines here and there, and pon farr allows for that.

But now I realize I haven't read much on the subject and feel like buying more books.

Edited to add that this topic actually did just cause me to buy a few used books on amazon. ^_^

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