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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

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Based on what is known from the test run of this series a year or so ago, I believe the refit model was made by a different company that who they have now. Hence, the quality of the later models of this new company should be better, including the A, yes.
That would certainly explain things.

I think of the Enterprise Refit as the model that costs $4.99 for the first issue, not the Enterprise-D.

Still, Eaglemoss has to figure they're not making a great impression with that Enterprise Refit. A comedian wouldn't want to open with a lousy joke. They arguably should have just left it out unless they meant to do it justice and justify the cost to the subscriber.
That's the way I looked at it too. Eaglemoss just couldn't come out and say that Issue #2 was the $4.99 model, and not the much better Issue #1.

And yeah, let's hope the Enterprise-A model is a better mold and with a better paint job. Hopefully it'll be a bit bigger, so they can get some aztecking on the saucer, if nothing else.
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