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Re: About the KHAN scream.

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My favorite Khan is Space Seed.
Me too. It wasn't a big action episode, but the dialog was smart and crisp, and I liked the Kirk and Khan scenes.

I know conflicts prevented Shatner and Montalban from ever being able to be at a shooting on the same day, but in my opinion, TWOK suffered from Kirk and Khan never meeting face to face. Most of their dialog was also simply Khan threatening Kirk and Kirk tweaking or taunting Khan.
Yeppers. Of the three, Space Seed is the superior production. You could have put a new villain into either of the movies and told the same story.

STID didn't need to make Harrison Khan. They had an interesting, engaging, villain that would have served the story as well, if not better. I think making Harrison Khan tied their hands to some of the story telling potentials they might have otherwise had.
I didn't mind him being Khan, but I wouldn't have run out of the theater demanding a refund if he wasn't.

I think a lot of the opinions about the episode and both movies with Khan depend on whether or not one drags baggage from one into the other. Khan is different in all three because he's facing different situations. Which is the real Khan? Well, all three are in total. Which is the better Khan? That's a question of personal taste.

Spock's shout in the context of the STID story is perfect, in my opinion. It's appropriateness is debatable only in the context deliberately comparing it to Kirk's shout.

Did the writers invite that comparison? Certainly. But it was an original use of the shout. They recreated nothing, I don't see it as an homage, and so to me, the shout stands as independent event. Still, if it broke the moment for some in the audience, even those being thoroughly entertained to that point, I can see that. But my question would be, if the shout in TWOK never made it to the screen, would the reaction to Spock's shout in STID still be so negative or jarring?
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