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Re: About the KHAN scream.

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He is taking away Kirk's control.

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I agree with this as far as Khan goes. We are told one thing and shown another. Khan was a useless, boring mess of a villain. And Montalban's performance was so incredibly hammy that Shatner's KHAAAAAAAN may have just been to try and keep up; after all, Shat can't let anyone out-ham him in a Star Trek movie! That said, I found TWOK mediocre overall, and thought it had other flaws worthy of discussion. Kirk's inexplicable refusal to put up the shields during the Reliant's approach scene remains one of my personal all-time most notable Trek Klunker Moments.

Cumberbatch Khan was intelligent and menacing, and someone I could actually take seriously. Maybe that's partly why the STID scream works better for me. All of us, whether we want to or not, let our opinion of an overall work color our perception of how big a deal an acknowledged flaw is within said work. Two movies could have the exact same shortcomings, but if one is fun and entertaining despite them and the other is just a rotten, boring mess all around, the flaws are more glaring in the latter. So both Khan screams are pretty over the top, but one works for me partly because I find the film surrounding it to be much more entertaining overall.
That often seems to have a bit to do with it, although most people appear to like TWOK. Actually though, it's not one of my favourite Trek movies and I agree with you about the shield rasing business, but I have never had a problem with the entombment of Kirk line or the three dimentional thinking bit. Khan isn't a real starship captain or even an aircraft pilot AFAIK. It is more than conceivable he might make such mistakes. A mental block type thing.
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