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Re: No female starship captains in the 2250s-60s?

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Oh yeah. Bewitched especially had a subversive message of female empowerment, even if Sam was staying in the witch closet to please Darren. You can also read a lot into Bewitched for the gay experience. She's "magical" and has all these amazing flamboyant friends and relatives but she has to keep it all a secret.
I Dream of Jeannie is a fun show I'm fond of, but I don't see Jeannie as being as liberated as Samantha. Jeannie is more of a hetero male fantasty.
And neither one of them were starship captains either (just to get things back OT)
Bewitched was actually an allegory for mixed marriages. The networks weren't ready to openly show a couple from two different cultures or races. One could also see it as class friction as the girl from an upper class family marries a working man.
Sure, but it's open to different interpretations like any work of art. I hardly invented the idea of Bewitched as a gay metaphor, that's been around for ages and people much more well spoken and informed than me have written about it.
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