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Re: Happy 19th Birthday, Star Trek Generations!

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I won't argue that the 1701-D was used to maximum effect and benefit in Generations and her destruction was likely just another "bang-pow-zowie-that's awesome" moment designed to get eyeballs into theaters (why else spoil the ship's destruction in a couple of the trailers before the film even premiered?), but I wouldn't say she was treated in an insulting manner. She wasn't given the affection nor time she deserved on the big screen but I think it was more a case of wanting to focus on the final adventure of James T. Kirk and on Picard's emotional chaos over losing his family members and feeling unfulfilled and empty because he doesn't have a wife and children of his own.

The final moments where Picard and Riker reflect on the meaning of life and the passage of time were beautiful and some of the best moments in the entire film. I wish the Enterprise-D had been in at least one more film but I don't think she was disrespected. Picard and Riker seemed to genuinely regret and mourn the loss of their ship and at least part of the vessel survived until the very end of the movie so we could see that great bridge set one last time.
I do think the ship was "disrespected" to a degree, by one really stupid factor: the Bird of Prey. Shields or no shields, having the E-D get taken down by that dinky little thing was just weird.

And that said: Quite frankly, I might be able to go ok, weird but maybe I can buy it, if it weren't for the out-of-universe explanation for why they didn't give the Duras sisters a battleship: they realized they could save money by reusing the explosion footage from TUC if they made the ship a BoP. That is just too lame for words. The E-D gets taken down by the starship equivalent of a mosquito so the producers could cheap out on effects. That's pretty unsatisfying (to say nothing of the fact that, after that drawn-out battle scene, having the enemy ship explosion being recycled footage from a previous movie was unsatisfying in and of itself!).

Still, bittersweet though it is due to the ship's demise, seeing what remains to this day my favorite Trek ship design flying about on the big screen was amazing. The film was certainly heavily flawed (the plot was a mess, especially everything about the nexus ), but I've always regarded it fondly anyway. It felt very grand and epic, partially because of the excellent music as previously noted, but also because of one particular element that I feel has never been equaled: the ship cinematography. There were a lot of really interesting, "non-standard" shots of ship movements, i.e. extreme close-ups and shots from different angles, ships flying into the camera, etc., that in the TV shows (and even in the other movies) would usually have just been "standard" side or front-on views from a comfortable distance. Really love that aspect of GEN.

As for Kirk: I understand that a lot of people were dissatisfied with how he died, but I never had much of a problem with that. He dies to help save millions of people, none of whom will ever know his name or that he saved them, because it was the right thing to do. Seemed very Kirk-ian to me.

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