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Re: About the KHAN scream.

BillJ wrote: View Post
Spock has always been shown to have issues when trying to handle emotional duress. Before the Pon Farr had even gotten remotely bad he was threatening to break McCoy's neck in "Amok Time".
It seems to me the example you give of Spock "always" having "issues when trying to handle emotional duress ..." is actually a case of massive chemical imbalance. Ie. nothing to do with "emotional duress" from a causative point of view. And while the most obvious outward signs of the Pon Farr may not have been present, how can we know what Spock was going through at that moment just because he was mostly keeping a lid on it?

The Keeper wrote: View Post
But you are correct, nuSpock really isn't THAT emotionally different from his prime counterpart of around the same times.
Well, as I mentioned, apart from totally different you mean?

Cinema Geekly wrote: View Post
Firstly I loved it!

The first time I saw WOK I liked that Kirk scene (still do) but as BillJ has pointed out, it can easily be broken apart and logically the whole scene doesn't make sense. And while I enjoy the scene I can still poke fun at it, and it is obvious that it has become one of if not THE biggest thing in Trek to parody.

That's part of the reason I like the NuScream so much.

That. Took. Balls.

To take something so made fun of, pair with another familiar scene from the same movie and play it dead serious?

I already knew it was coming as I read a ton of spoiler-y nerd rage filled complaints about it in advanced and I couldn't wait to see how good/terrible it would be in the context of the film.

It doesn't give me chills now, but the first time I saw it? CHILLS! Put yourself in the story, remember what Spock has gone through since childhood, to say nothing of the huge chunk of the first film and in story; they emotionally earned that.

You can of course argue the merits of using it in the first place, and ultimately I'd love to know what the exact mindset was, but either knowingly or unknowingly they did a gutsy thing with that scene.
I can appreciate you POV and while I don't hate the scream on theological grounds, it comes off as bad taste and rubs my nose in the originality problem. Too be honest, it doesn't bother me much even so (in a film that doesn't bother me actually). They probably thought most people who saw the movie wouldn't connect it with anything and I suspect they were right. So I think putting it in was more a case of trying to be clever than an excess of balls.
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