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Re: An Adventure in Space and Time - Grade and Discuss

Magnificent, gave it 4/5 (although I rate it myself as 4 and a half stars. )

Was almost at 5, but the first like 5 minutes were a bit boring, but other than that fantastic. Although I didn't like the casting for Ian. Plus the Tenth Planet Cyberman costume looked quite different to the actual tenth planet cybermen for some reason. Can't put my finger on it.

At the beginning of it before Hartnel was cast as the Doctor, I began to hate him; he was bitter, shouted and was quite cruel to his granddaughter. But after he was cast we gradually saw him turn soft and kind. Some lovely moments, was heart-breaking when the original producer left and Hartnel had to deal with this incompetent newbie, and it was also tragic when he couldn't cope and eventually had to leave. Heart-breaking. Not on Earth sure about that cameo from Matt Smith though. I mean Smith wasn't even born then. And I'm pretty sure William Hartnel never hallucinated Matt Smith being there while filming his regeneration. Plus in a few years time when Capaldi or even the 13th doctor is the current, that will definitely seem outdated. I mean in the long run, there's nothing really special about Smith out of all the doctors.
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