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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

I would consider a PS4 if it had a decent version of Gauntlet Legends or Gauntlet Dark Legacy. Unfortunately it doesn't seem that it will; AFAIK, the 2 was the last PlayStation console to have any Gauntlet game.

(I used to have a Dreamcast, back in the day. I bought it just to play GL.)

As for the XBox? Forget it. I will not, under any circumstances, give Micro$oft any of my money. I don't care how many Gauntlet games IT might get.

(Yes, as you can see, I like Gauntlet. )

I have heard talk that some people get PS3s or PS4s just for the Blu-Ray functionality. I always thought that was kind of weird. Why get a game console if you're not playing any games? Sony makes perfectly good BR players...
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