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So what the hell is the Axeman? He said he's been watching over Fiona since she was a young girl. So that means there's something supernatural about him, and he's just too damned irresistible for Fiona.
My take on Axeman is that he was a serial killer that was killed by the coven in 1919(?) and has since been a ghost in the coven house. I think this ties into the first season idea that if you die in a house, the house becomes a prison for your ghost. After the girls tapped into his presence with the ouija board and promised him release, magical mumbo jumbo with the witches somehow cast him into a physical form.

And he certainly has been watching Fiona since she was a young a ghost voyeur that lends a hand on occasion, like him pushing the shelf over on the bully girl. Being irresistible to Fiona, I think, comes from him seeing beneath her sharp, manipulative exterior and seeing the woman in private moments and in younger (and in her mind, better) days.

Fiona's arc this season has been all about preserving her power, vitality and appearance -- at all cost. In the Axeman, she's found someone that doesn't judge her, remembers how she looked in her prime, and, most importantly, is just as big a monster as herself. He would be a difficult prospect for her to reject at his point in her life.
Thanks, this makes perfect sense to me now. As mentioned earlier, he was not literally the personification of the devil; he just referred to himself as that. But it didn't occur to me that his spirit was "trapped" at Ms. Robichaux's Academy all those decades until, of course, Zoe released him.
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