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Re: How I Met Your Mother: The Final Season

Why, what's the problem there? If you like the current show, what's to say they can't do something else similar and still entertaining? This cast made a lot of it work, but don't know what the new one is, so...?

As long as it's as was reported, and just a new group doing the similar situation (but with female lead) should work just fine. And can have the old cast pop in for cameos on occasion to help it get started.

The CONCEPT of doing the whole show again from the Mother's prespective is a neat one, but I don't want to see that version. Have to start over again in the early 2000s, just trading off the stories you already saw, etc. I don't want to see that for more than one episode, and want it part of this season.

For a new show, though, it's just keeping the bar set and the bartender/waitress maybe, and can start fresh. Would definitely give it a shot.
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