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Re: Getting back to watching Dr. Who

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I wouldn't call Fear Her a classic, but coming after Love & Monsters my judgement of quality may have been a bit suspect, since just about anything would have been an improvement I didn't think much of Fear Her honestly, but I didn't think it was bad. I'd probably say it was a bit less annoying than The Idiot's Lantern, but in the same category of being more generic/slightly annoying than outright bad. I doubt I'd ever watch it (or Idiot's Lantern or Love & Monsters) if I ever decided to rewatch the 10th doctor's stuff in the future.

As for the emotional stuff, I just thought that the whole "guy talking to his girlfriend's face in the monster" was goofy and stupid. It seemed near the end that they were trying to make you feel sad for him/the absorbed people, but at that point I just didn't care. Compared to The Girl in the Fireplace, which I felt had a legitimately well done sad ending, Love & Monsters ending just felt like they wrote it expecting you to still care and be sad for these people, but I just wanted them to go away.
Oh, that emotional part. I thought you meant The Paving Stone and him saying they still have a bit of a sex life
Oh god I watched it yesterday and don't even remember him saying that. I think that near the end of the episode my mind just kind of wandered as a self defense mechanism so that I didn't just start inarticulately screaming in rage at the episode
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