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Re: About the KHAN scream.

It worked for me, mainly because they used it to setup the even louder scream of the Vengeance plummeting out of the sky and barely missing Enterprise. My only complaint, actually, is that they should have blended them better; Quinto's "Khan" scream would be gradually drowned out by the rising sound of Vengeance's descent echoing through the hull.

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I should also ask. What did most of you think of it. Did you like it, loathe it or love it when Spock pulled a Bill Shatner.
When I went to see STID in the theater, there were two places where literally half the audience groaned. The first was when Cumberbatch said he was "Khan" and Spock screaming was the second.

If they needed to slip Spock saying Khan in there, they should have taken the opposite direction. We've seen Spock lose his shit already, this time he should have collapsed inward and become silent, cool and focused...uttering only a whisper "khan" before bolting upward with purpose and going after him.
This. It would have been much better than Quinto parodying Shatner. It would have served to contrast the two characters over two movies and three decades. I can see Kirk sacrificing himself to save the ship -- Hell, he probably thought he'd survive just by being Kirk. But when is Spock going to be ... Spock?
The Spock we're seeing here is almost ten years younger than the TOS Spock. If you remember, he was a pretty animated fellow in The Cage.
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