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Re: No female starship captains in the 2250s-60s?

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This has become a pointless discussion when some insist on giving weight to the statements of a character that is clearly shown to be batshit crazy and delusional.
Interpreting the intent of the episode does not depend exclusively upon what Lester says. The context of the time in which the episode was made, in conjunction with at least one other line of dialog not made in conversation with Lester, also matter. I'm thinking in particular of the last line of the episode:
KIRK: Her life could have been as rich as any woman's, if only. If only.
Naturally, people will try to parse that in this or that way, and we won't ever agree about the intent of the episode when it was made. That's fine. We don't have to agree. Just remember next time this topic comes up (and it will) that "the other side" thinks that it's not just what Lester says that's the problem.
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