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Re: Was Janeway a hypocrite in Equinox?

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
Janeway is ignorant that Equinox is tactically superior.

And Ransom chooses not to correct her.

When the vivisection drive is working, Equinoxes top speed is a hundred times greater than Voyagers.

I don't care if Voyager's Phaser array is twice the size of Equinoxes, once Equinox has it's gas tank filled up, Equinox would be half way home before Janeway could even lock on her phasers.
So? Tactically superior means which ship will win in a head-to-head fight. Since ships don't fight at warp, the Equinox's greater speed is irrelevant. It's a perfectly sensible rule.

teacake wrote: View Post
So you're saying she needed to force people to bend to her community?
Remember that one time she offered to let whoever wanted out stay behind and colonize that one planet? And I imagine anyone who requested to settle down with any of the friendly societies along the way would probably be allowed to, also. As for non-working passengers home... that could have been an interesting subplot somewhere; so long as they stuck to their quarters and didn't get in the way, I doubt they'd be forced to work, but who'd want that, and the resentment of all their fellow crew?
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