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Re: Getting back to watching Dr. Who

I've watched some more episodes. The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit was a decent two parter. The villain was interesting, and the sets were also very good and convincing space station sets.

Next, Love & Monsters. I thought that The Idiot's Lantern would be my least favorite episode this series because of how average it is, but little did I know that an outright horrible episode existed in Series 2. This episode was painful basically from start to finish. The main guy was annoying, and I honestly didn't care too much about his friends getting absorbed, or the "emotional" moment at the end that just sucked. Its weird to think that the same show that has pulled off some great emotional moments (like the end of The Girl in the Fireplace, just to name one) could also do this junk. The only enjoyment I got out of this episode was the brief scooby Doo moment at the very beginning with The Doctor, rose and an alien running through doors. Besides that, this was easily the worst Doctor Who episode I've seen, and I doubt anything can dethrone it for that title (at least I hope nothing can ).

Fear her was a pretty good episode. The girl's mother was a bit annoying, and honestly I think the alien was given a bit too much of a pass by the doctor, but overall it was entertaining. Now, its on to the last two episodes of Series 2, and beyond.
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