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Re: Is the USS Vengeance more powerful than the Enterprise E?

The Enterprise-A got pounded by a volley of photon torpedoes from a Bird of Prey trying to destroy her an kill everyone onboard. It survived almost completely intact and only retired because the script called for it.

Oddly enough, Excelsior on full shields, took one hit and was sent spinning slightly and felt far more impact, because she wasn't the Enterprise clearly.

The 1701 refit took a direct photon hit to the saucer section early in TWoK, it messed up their computer systems, shot a few sparks but no mark was left on the hull, their shields were right down.

In the Nu-verse, an older style ship slightly newer than the Kelvin could take out unshielded D-7's with one photon each, no matter where it hit.

At 6%, the Nu-Prises's shields were not stopping the torpedoes from ripping chuncks out of her thickest plated areas, opening up several decks at a time.

Obviously, photon strength is more consistant with TOS, where they were treated as last resort WMD's.
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