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Re: Destiny Trilogy - Totally awesome (spoilers)

^^ They are not perfect in the TNGR, at all. Partly because some of the early TNGR (Death in Winter, Resistance, Before Dishonour) are not really that good, but also because the later novels (maybe from Greater than the Sum, and especially since Destiny) have done good analytic work on these characters. Also you should check out the TNGR/Nemesis prologue series, if interested, a series called A Time to. In that, again, our aging heroes flaws are often front and centre, but it suffers in the early volumes from the evil admiral trope and some silly plotting. Just skip to A Time for to Kill (by David Mack, it's a perfect adventure story with flawed characters), carry on with A Time to Heal (which is an analogy for Iraq or the Balkans, if you wish to read it that way, again by Mack), and finish with A Time for War, A Time for Peace (by Keith DeCandido, not always the best writer, but often fun. I have my issues with the story since reading it, but it's a great first time read).
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