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The majority of "Klingon episodes" could be erased from existence, and I'd never care, except on some level about how it's good to preserve media for posterity. Only a minority of those episodes were any good to begin with. Most of those were in TNG, and easily half of TNG's Klingon episodes were crap.
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I just think the Klingons were badly overexposed during the Berman years.
Have to agree. Klingons have been overused to the point of becoming a parody of themselves, all bolstering about honour and war but not being great on either front. I agreed with Ezri Dax and her opinions on the Empire, it deserves to be left alone and die out.

BillJ wrote: View Post
It was fun to glimpse them in the Abramsverse but I'm one that really isn't going to be excited if the next movie features them.
I hope they won't be back, all the bling is disturbing. Plus what's with the helmets? Klingon skulls are thick and bony, rendering head protection pretty useless other than a fashion accessory.
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