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Re: An Adventure in Space and Time - Grade and Discuss

I voted excellent. I'm not really a fan of biopics or docudramas but this film just nailed it perfectly. David Bradley was really wonderful in the role and, unlike many period pieces, it seemed convincing on the detail of the era.

I caught William Russell because a friend had told me that he was playing a security man. Didn't catch the other cameos, Matt, aside. 'I don't want to go' was a lovely touch and the scene where the kid mobbed Hartnell by the pond was great; slightly clichéd but worked perfectly.

I wasn't totally sold on Shearsmith as Troughton (he just seemed to be playing another LOG character to me) but that was my only quibble. It was notable just how well cast everyone else was, when you saw the real people opposite their actors in the end credits.

The retrospective on Hartnell that followed was a nice little treat too and I liked seeing his grown-up grand-daughter, having seen her character as a child in the film.
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