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Re: American Horror Story - Coven

Not a bad episode on Wednesday, although it started out pretty slow.

Zoe is such a dumb witch. At first she wanted to kill Frankenkyle and somehow f*cked it up when he grabbed hold of the gun. When Kyle tried to shoot himself, dumb Chloe changed her mind and let him live. And now she's in a menage a trois with him and Madison, so all's good.

Alas, poor Spalding. We hardly knew you.

Looks like Delphine got her comeuppance when Queenie betrayed her to Marie Laveau. On a side note, I must say Angela Bassett is one helluva beautiful woman.

So what the hell is the Axeman? He said he's been watching over Fiona since she was a young girl. So that means there's something supernatural about him, and he's just too damned irresistible for Fiona.
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