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Re: Was Janeway a hypocrite in Equinox?

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Just a suggestion, but you might want to distill the salient points of your part 2 and part 3 SF debris vids into a paragraph or 2 if you'd like to start a discussion. I'm not ready to sit through 33 minutes of commentary, especially one that begins with season 2's "Alliances".

As for your question "was she a hypocrite?" I'd say no.

Janeway and her crew were never rescued by a fellow Federation crew with a superior/intact ship at the risk of their own lives. She/her crew never repaid that rescue by stealing their Federation brethren's shield generator and purposely leaving them to the mercy of aliens intent on exacting murderous revenge upon "humans" for heinous crimes committed by Voyager.

Ransom committed the worst crime he could have done in Janeway's eyes.

He sacrificed HER ship & crew not for food or survival but just so he could run away home.

Imagine the fireworks going off if Equinox arrived on Earth "three months later", hailed as heroes when in reality they were the "24th century's version of the Donner party". A group ready to eat their own, NOT so they could survive, but merely so they could get home a little faster.

sfdebris comes to the conclusion he does cause he can't see the forest for the trees.
He misses the whole point of Janeway rescued the Equinox crew and they paid her back for it by trying to kill her to cover up murder.
If sfdebris opened his home up to someone he called "friend" and they turn around and tried to kill him for it, would he believe they deserved to be treated fairly?
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