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Re: An Adventure in Space and Time - Grade and Discuss

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That moment at the end didn't quite work for me. A transition over to Smith's own goodbye to the modern console to close it out would have worked a lot better if their intent was for a 'passing of the torch'/'and it continues to this day' moment. As it is, it kinda just looks like Matt Smith traveled back in time and walked on set.
That wasn't really the point of the scene. Hartnell is rumoured to have held the belief when the show started that it would be a big success and go on for many years. This scene was a symbolic representation that his beliefs came true, that despite having to leave the role those beliefs have been vindicated and his legacy set the course for the future. So not really passing the torch in the classic sense of the phrase since it wasn't really meant to be the 11th Doctor showing up.
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