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Re: About the KHAN scream.

CorporalClegg wrote:
It's unfortunate so many get caught on the act itself and ignore the color of the conceit.
If the color of the conceit is worthy, surely it should not be a problem for the act itself to sell it.

If you're willing to go with the premise behind Spock's emotionality in the scene, the scream isn't out of place. Although set side by side with the original Khan scream I would still say Bill's version was far better delivered. I didn't mind it when I first saw it in the theatre, although I really question the dramatic premise it's based on (whether it feels "earned" and a good use or overuse of the device of breaking Vulcan reserve for effect); there's a difference between a clever conceit and a good idea. I don't know or much care whose idea it was.
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