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Re: Older people - How do you define 'young'

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I'm 33, and for myself, I feel I am at middle age, just shy of "old." To me, if you are under 30, you are "young." If you are between 30 and 40, you are still young-ish. To be honest, I consider 75+ to be old, I just don't think I'm ever getting there, so for me, 33 is bordering on old.
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You might be surprised, J.
If my past fortunes are any indication, I doubt it. I used to see life as a mystery, an opportunity to explore what it means to be alive. I wanted to go places I had never been before, and learn great things, to be a part of something wonderful. Now I see it as a dread progression of days in which tedium has claimed any joy I once had. It's all uphill, every moment is a struggle for relevance, and that when I die, I will be alone and forgotten. That last one only bothers me for a moment, as once I'm dead, it won't matter anymore. This is how I see "old" and "young." I will be forever old, until I am dead. Then it won't matter anymore. I'm pretty sure I'll be dead before I ever get the chance to actually live.
It seems like you feel like since your life is tedious and lonely, it won't be a long one. That doesn't really make sense. Happiness and unhappiness don't directly affect our longevity.

As to the topic at hand, young and old changes as you age. Right now I'd say 80 seems old to me. Maybe 75? Young is anything under 25. But my views on that will change with time.
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