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Re: Older people - How do you define 'young'

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I'm 60. I think of "young" as not able to remember a time before personal computers and cell phones. And not experiencing gas prices under a dollar per gallon.
We're coevals. Pretty much the same for me. I think of as "young" anyone who can't remember when there were no personal computers and no internet, when cigarettes were advertised on TV and it seemed like everybody smoked, and when black people were called Negroes.

RoJoHen wrote: View Post
I am 28, and for the most part I consider anyone 21 and below to be "young," but that might just be because I work in a bar and 21-year olds are incredibly immature drinkers.
Most 21-year-olds are incredibly immature everything. Well, the male of the species, at any rate.

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